Interest is half of success.

LAMEDA’s management team contains three main members. Interest and conscientiousness are always the reasons to go ahead to manage a company that has hundreds of staff though there have been some twists and turns.


Design is a science.

The general manager of the design team has studied at the Fashion Design Department of Nottingham Trent, UK. She has been engaged in fashion brand version design for many years and has advanced international fashion insight.


An excellent sales team is essential if want to create good customer experience.

The group was formed by eight professionals, young and dynamic. We are more interested in warm human relationships than cold money deals. Looking forward to being friends with you. No sellers here, only problem solvers. It could be the size problem, could be asking for purchasing advice based on your target price, also could be your plan about regional agents. Just feel free to contact us for more details, as we know the products, and we know you better.

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