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The latest designs and the newest developments in technological innovation are presented in our new arrivals for men’s cycling apparel and casual wear. We are continuously releasing new and updated collections to give you the best competitive edge for the upcoming season while pushing the limits of design and aesthetics to redefine the context of modern cycling.

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  • Future Men Fleeced Cycling Bib Pants


    Classic fitted silhouette, colorful high-waist design provides warmth, fleece lining insulates.
    Ombre heat transfer print on straps, textured knit fabric is breathable and comfortable.
    Pink reflective graphics on leg sides for visibility and safe night riding.
    Four-needle six-thread construction is smooth and comfortable for easy wear.
    Strap edges use bonding technique for seamless, chafe-free comfort.
    Fleece lining provides warmth designed for cool weather, suitable for early winter cycling.

  • Sheen Unisex Fleeced Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    A classic, body-hugging fit, cropped length fits closer to the body and streamlines waistline by reducing drag.

    Front placket uses high quality YKK zipper for smooth gliding.
    Perforated silicone branding logo at side, 3D silicone chest logo for refined details.
    4.5cm silicone grip tape at back hem enhances anti-slip.
    Reflective print at back pocket enhances visibility for safe night riding.
    Oversized 7 pockets, 4 of which are waterproof to protect contents from sweat.
    Solution dyed fabric resists fading, subtle sophistication.
    85% nylon, 15% spandex fabric provides stretch and recovery.
    Brushed fabric feels soft on skin, provides warmth during winter workouts.
    Insulates heat well to prevent heat loss in cold environments.
    Durable fabric resists pilling and abrasion, luminous yarns have color vibrancy.
    UPF 50+ UV protection for outdoor sun protection.

  • Saturday Men Fleeced Cycling Bib Pants


    1.The detachable magnetic snaps allow for easy on and off, enabling effortless bathroom breaks without removing the top.
    2.The COOLMAX fiber fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, addressing sticky discomfort from sweat.
    3.The waistband layering enhances insulation and blocks cold winds, preventing chilled waist when riding in winter.
    4.Minimal seaming reduces friction and abrasion, addressing the discomfort caused by seams rubbing on skin during cycling.
    5.The streamlined paneling and strategic placement of seams creates a contouring silhouette without compromising comfort and flexibility.

  • Maple Unisex Cycling Vest


    1.Concealed Convenience: Back Magnetic Closure

    Easy Storage Access

    Discreet Design

    2.Enhanced Visibility: 3M Reflective Material

    Advanced Safety Technology

    High-Visibility Protection

    3.Featherlight Comfort: Ultra-thin and Lightweight

    Barely There Sensation

    Featherweight Comfort

    4.Temperature Regulation: Innovative Ventilation Design

    Consistent Climate Control

    Optimal Thermal Environment

    5.Functional Dual-Zipper: Easy Access to Rear Pockets

    Convenient Riding Essentials Access

    Quick and Easy Storage Retrieval

  • Gallop Men Cycling Windbreaker


    1.Featherlight Comfort: Ultra-thin and Lightweight

    Barely There Sensation

    Featherweight Comfort

    2.Cool & Dry: 2460T Ice Silk Fabric

    Windproof and Waterproof

    Dry and Fresh Feel

    3.Easy Storage On-the-Go: Built-in Carrying Pouch

    Convenient Packability

    Portable Storage Solution

    4.Temperature Regulation: Innovative Ventilation Design

    Consistent Climate Control

    Optimal Thermal Environment

    5.Functional Dual-Zipper: Easy Access to Rear Pockets

    Convenient Riding Essentials Access

    Quick and Easy Storage Retrieval

  • Whisper Men Cycling Jacket


    1.Custom 1050mm separating YKK zipper provides smooth gliding.
    Foldaway cuffs provide added warmth and comfort.
    2.Full encircled 4.5cm silicone grip tape at hem enhances anti-slip.
    3.Concealed openable vent at back pocket provides ventilation.
    4.Zippered side pockets conveniently store small items (gloves, hats, scarves etc.).
    5.Front panel and sleeves use 3-layer composite fabric to enhance wind resistance and warmth. Back uses double layer composite for added breathability. Outer layer has water repellency to block moisture from entering.
    6.Vest uses volcanic rock fabric to double insulation.
    7.Outer layer is 82% nylon, 15% spandex for stretch and recovery. Outer layer is water repellent to block moisture from entering.
    8.Windproof, water repellent, insulating

  • Dusk Men Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    Phantasos-In midsummer, the mood is boosted and optimistic energy is stimulated to provide inspiration for this theme. The psychedelic gradient of light and shadow colors shows the energetic charm
    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • High elastic soft skin-fitting fabric with moisture absorption and quick-drying function.
    • The cuffs and front hem fit seamless technology to increase comfort
    • 3D silicone logo, increase fashion.
    • Keeping up with fashion trends, the Short version design lets your legs look longer.
    • A reflective logo on the pocket increases safety, and the brand logo printed inside the pocket increases the recognition
    • The zipper on the right side of the pocket is convenient for accessing valuable and small items.
    • The brand logo on the back hem has an anti-slip function and improves brand recognition.
  • Silver Men Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    1. CoolMax fabric for the whole body, excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying performance, with sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functions, effectively reducing the sticky feeling of the skin
    2. The front sleeves are cut in one piece for more comfort.
    3. The high-density 4.5CM webbing at the rear hem has a better anti-slip effect
    4. YKK imported mesh side zipper is softer and more docile
    5. The inner ear of the collar is convenient for hanging clothes, increasing the control of details
    6. The waterproof raincoat pocket in the middle interlayer prevents sweat from polluting electronic products, metal products, and smoking personnel
    7. Exquisite brand logo, solid color matching design, pocket brand logo, with reflective effect to increase safety

  • Flame Unisex Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    Suitable temperature: 15-35 degrees

    • Use polyester ammonia quick drying fabric, moisture absorption, quick drying, comfortable and skin-friendly
    • Sleeve and pocket jacquard increase visual sense
    • 4.5cm anti-slip webbing at the hem to increase anti-slip performance
    • Cycling clothes adopt YKK zipper, which is softer and more comfortable
    • Highlight the LOGO mark of the reflective clip on the left side for safer riding
    • Exquisite brand LOGO, fashionable color
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