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Lameda’s management team contains three main members who loved cycling and cycling clothing making. From managing the bike team during college to now managing a company that has hundreds of staffs, interest and conscientiousness are always the reasons to go ahead though there have been some twists and turns. 

Mission: determined to create cycling clothing brands that can solve problems.


Design is a science.

Some people hold that design is aesthetics, while others think design is functionalism, but we believe that both are equally important, and always grope for the ultimate balance of this two. Our design team consists of a dozen professional R & D personnel of cycling clothing products, who have worked together for many years since 2009. We are confident as we have the highest tacit understanding and chase the same concept.

For lameda, we adhere to the three principles: perfect fitting, one piece (seamless) and free cutting. Meanwhile, the problem occur everyday’s riding is the most important thing that deserves focus on. Each customer is part of us, so welcome your suggestions and ideas!

Sales team

An excellent sales team is essential if want to create good customer experience. 

The group formed by eight professionals, young and dynamic. We are more interested in warm human relationships than cold money deals. Looking forward to be friends with you. No sellers here, only problem solvers. It could be the size problem, could be asking for purchasing advice based on your target price, also could be your future plan about regional agent. Just feel free to contact us for more details, as we know the products, and we know you better.

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