The latest designs and the newest developments in technological innovation are presented in our new arrivals for women’s cycling apparel and casual wear. We are continuously releasing new and updated collections to give you the best competitive edge for the upcoming season while pushing the limits of design and aesthetics to redefine the context of modern cycling.

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  • Grace One Piece Cycling Skinsuit Women Quick Dry

    Original price was: $115.00.Current price is: $99.00.

    Grace Women Cyling Skinsuit


    Innovative Fabric Tech: Body fabric infused with 3% graphene offers antibacterial properties, UV resistance, and rapid drying. Sleeves crafted from a lightweight, elastic jacquard material retract smoothly for versatile comfort, boasting 50% UV protection and superior skin-friendliness.

    Flattering Fit & Enhancements: High-waist design incorporates curved lines to visually slim the waist, enhance leg length, and provide a streamlined silhouette.

    Performance Features: Seamless foot openings ensure free movement in cycling tights, while the rear hip’s curved structure adds dynamic athleticism to the design.

    Signature Branding: The suit features an exquisite, electively placed logo that accentuates its premium quality.

  • Starlight Women Cycling Shorts

    Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $45.00.

    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees


    Four-way stretchable, highly elastic, lightweight fabric for skin-friendly coverage and comfort.

    The free-cutting technology at the feet frees the pants from the shackles of edge marks, reduces streaks, and conveys an unfettered wearing experience.

    The inner special dot glue pattern is non-slip and comfortable.The choice of multiple colors allows you to personalize the matching at will, and the reflective cursors of the same color increase the fashion degree.

    High-waisted design enhances coverage.

  • Starlight Women Cycling Bib Shorts

    Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $59.00.

    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • Breathable mesh gauze.Elastic webbing back strap The back strap contains silverions
    • High density woven double-sided fabric structure
    • Quality silicone anti cursor Dark reflection.
  • Vibrant Women Cycling Pants High Waist

    Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $49.00.
  • Spirited Women Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

    Original price was: $77.00.Current price is: $39.00.

    This jersey is of pro level. Professional version has higher requirements on the process and the material. It can perfect meet your pursuit of functionality and comfort. SPRITED is tight fit that can reduce the wind resistance. It used high quality smooth fabric and breathable T01 fishs cale mesh, and seamless fit letting you looks more energetic. The back unique print is much different from other traditional cycling wear.

  • Luminance Women Cycling Bib Shorts Elastic Interface


    Luminance Women Bike Cycling Bib Shorts Elastic Interface

    Fabric: 75% Polyester, 25% Spandex
    Weight: 230g
    Suitable Temperature Range: 15°C to 30°C


    Design Features:

    • Back panel composed of mesh fabric for quick-drying and breathability, ensuring no stuffiness in summer.
    • Body-contouring high-stretch fabric throughout the shorts for moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and permanent UPF 50+ sun protection.
    • Fashion-forward design with a variety of vibrant colors, creating a stylish and visually appealing look.
    • Bike cycling shorts with seamless ankle cuff design featuring anti-slip silicone grip, providing comfort, fit, and slip resistance.
    • Rear hip pocket designed for convenient storage of small items.
    • Side waistband construction using woven straps that contour to the waistline, emphasizing a curve-hugging design, with a front waist fold for added comfort without being restrictive.
    • White-colored bib straps made from moisture-wicking material for dryness and freshness, paired with any top color without revealing undergarments due to its opacity.
    • Three-quarter bike cycling shorts designed to visually elongate the legs, featuring a snug and contoured pocket opening for both comfort and a secure fit


    Pad Introduction:

    The chamois is from the Elastic Interface, Endurance 2 Women, featuring medium-density foam that delivers outstanding protection for extended rides. The pad incorporates EIT STRIPE fabric, which boasts a dual-layer construction designed to efficiently collect and expel moisture, ensuring optimal comfort and hygiene over long distances. Engineered to withstand continuous riding for up to six hours, this chamois is the epitome of endurance support, catering to the unique needs of female cyclists who embark on lengthy adventures.

  • Splendid Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey Women Stylish

    Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $45.00.
  • Neon Women Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

    Original price was: $69.00.Current price is: $59.00.

    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • The front panel is made of Toray Dry Sensor polyester fast drying fabric, which has the function of absorbing sweat and drying quickly, effectively reducing the skin’s sticky and wet feeling. Polyester fabric with 3% graphene content on the back and sleeves has antibacterial, UV resistant, and fast drying properties.
    • Cross design at the back neck for a more comfortable collar shape.
    • The high-density 4.5CM webbing on the entire hem has better anti slip effect.
    • YKK imported mesh zipper is softer and more comfortable.
    • The inner ear of the collar is convenient for hanging clothes, adding detail control.
    • Pockets and exquisite stitching at the hem.
    • Exquisite brand logo, fashionable retro trendy colors.
    • Brand label with high gloss and reflective material on the left, with reflective effect to increase warning and remind rear vehicles for safer riding.
  • Jade Women Cycling Bib Shorts


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees


    Back Panel Innovation: Polyester with 3% graphene for unparalleled antibacterial, UV-blocking, and rapid-dry performance.

    Elevated Comfort & Fit: Lightweight, ultra-stretch fabric ensures a comfortable, close fit with enhanced coverage.

    Streamlined Silhouette: High-waist design contours the body, enhancing waistline definition and visually elongating legs.

    Foot Opening Upgrade: Strategically uncut fabric area for improved grip and anti-slip function during activity.

    Hip Design Accent: Peach-shaped seamlines at the rear hip infuse a touch of elegance and femininity.

    Support & Stability: High-density 4.5cm strap webbing delivers superior hold and a secure, streamlined fit.

    Bold Brand Identity: A striking 3D color logo, embracing retro-chic aesthetics for a fashionable statement.


    Pad introduction: SIAM is a cycling pad developed by VEONINSERT that emphasizes long-distance protection. The high-density material and flat and simple surface contour can bring smooth experience texture and effective support to the rider. The male version has a double-folded groove, which can release the pressure on the perineum and blood vessels and improve blood circulation. The design of the entire product pays attention to the trajectory of the contact between the seat bone arch and the seat and has undergone a long-term high-load test. The moisture-absorbing, quick-drying, and antistatic surface fabric combined with a vacuum blasting sponge can effectively exchange heat between the crotch and the outside. Single ride 6hours+

  • Floral Woman Cycling Bib Shorts


    Lameda Woman Floral Woman Cycling Bib Shorts

    Suitable Temperature: 15-30°C

    Fabric: 75% Polyamide, 25% Spandex

    Design Features:

    • Side pockets on both sides
    • Moisture-wicking & quick-drying, breathable comfort, excellent stretch


  • Shiny Woman Cycling Bib Pants Spring Summer

    Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $49.00.

    Lameda Shiny Woman Cycling Bib Pants Spring Summer

    Suitable Temperature: 15-30°C

    Design Features:

    Employing a conceptual design featuring minimal seams, this garment reduces the number of fabric panel joins, thereby minimizing frictional resistance.

    The use of free-cut technology liberates the hemline from the constraint of visible seam lines, alleviating pressure marks; the free-cut fabric simultaneously addresses the issues of edge rolling and unraveling, enabling unhindered customization while conveying an experience of effortless, unrestrained wear.

  • Ripple Dream Women Cycling Jersey Recycled Fabric


    Product Name: Lameda Ripple Dream Women Cycling Jersey Recycled Fabric Nylon Jersey

    Suitable Temperature: 10-30 ℃

    Fabric: 81% Nylon, 19% Spandex

    Weight: 165g

    Design Features:

    • Side COATS high-stretch seam structure design, providing a closer fit to the waist and enhancing shaping by 2.3 times.
    • 3D contoured tailoring combined with the fabric’s enveloping feel effectively minimizes muscle vibration during intense exercise.
    • YKK multi-functional self-locking, reverse-color zippers offer both aesthetic appeal and comfort (front plackets must use self-locking pulls to prevent detachment)
    • Rear pockets feature anti-slip pocket designs that ensure items remain securely in place without lateral movement.
    • Reflective, high-visibility branding graphics on the pockets enhance safety during night cycling.
    • A meticulously crafted brand emblem on the left chest showcases a fashionable, retro-inspired color palette.
    • Incorporating the current trend, the garment boasts an all-around anti-slip hem tape design, which not only enhances grip but also ensures a sleek, form-fitting silhouette.
    • Protective upper and lower zip cover flaps are included to guard against skin irritation and safeguard your bib shorts.
  • Quill Bike Jersey Women Long Sleeve Cycling Shirts


    Quill Women Bike Jersey

    Fabric: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

    Weight: 128g

    Temperature Range: 10° – 30°C

    Key Features:

    1. Sweat-free, breathable fabric with advanced quick-dry tech that blocks UV rays and heat.
    2. Stylish YKK reverse-coil self-locking zippers for comfort; front zip secured to stay in place.
    3. Reflective brand logo on pockets for enhanced night visibility.
    4. On-trend, full waistband grip tape for improved fit and slip resistance.
    5. Zipper garages at top and bottom protect skin and bib shorts from irritation.
  • Silver Women Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    1. CoolMax fabric for the whole body, excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying performance, with sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functions, effectively reducing the sticky feeling of the skin
    2. The front sleeves are cut in one piece for more comfort.
    3. The high-density 4.5CM webbing at the rear hem has a better anti-slip effect
    4. YKK imported mesh side zipper is softer and more docile
    5. The inner ear of the collar is convenient for hanging clothes, increasing the control of details
    6. The waterproof raincoat pocket in the middle interlayer prevents sweat from polluting electronic products, metal products, and smoking personnel
    7. Exquisite brand logo, solid color matching design, pocket brand logo, with reflective effect to increase safety

  • Kaman Women Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

    Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $45.00.