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The latest designs and the newest developments in technological innovation are presented in our new arrivals for women’s cycling apparel and casual wear. We are continuously releasing new and updated collections to give you the best competitive edge for the upcoming season while pushing the limits of design and aesthetics to redefine the context of modern cycling.

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  • Splendid Women Cycling Jersey


    Phantasos -In midsummer, the mood is boosted and optimistic energy is stimulated to provide inspiration for this theme. The psychedelic gradient of light and shadow colors shows the energetic charm
    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • High elastic soft skin-fitting fabric with moisture absorption and quick-drying function.
    • The cuffs and front hem fit seamless technology to increase comfort
    • 3D silicone logo, increase fashion.
    • Keeping up with fashion trends, the Short version design lets your legs look longer.
    • A reflective logo on the pocket increases safety, and the brand logo printed inside the pocket increases the recognition
    • The zipper on the right side of the pocket is convenient for accessing valuable and small items.
    • The brand logo on the back hem has an anti-slip function and improves brand recognition.
  • Silver Women Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    1. CoolMax fabric for the whole body, excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying performance, with sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functions, effectively reducing the sticky feeling of the skin
    2. The front sleeves are cut in one piece for more comfort.
    3. The high-density 4.5CM webbing at the rear hem has a better anti-slip effect
    4. YKK imported mesh side zipper is softer and more docile
    5. The inner ear of the collar is convenient for hanging clothes, increasing the control of details
    6. The waterproof raincoat pocket in the middle interlayer prevents sweat from polluting electronic products, metal products, and smoking personnel
    7. Exquisite brand logo, solid color matching design, pocket brand logo, with reflective effect to increase safety

  • Starlight Women Cycling Shorts


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees


    Four-way stretchable, highly elastic, lightweight fabric for skin-friendly coverage and comfort.

    The free-cutting technology at the feet frees the pants from the shackles of edge marks, reduces streaks, and conveys an unfettered wearing experience.

    The inner special dot glue pattern is non-slip and comfortable.The choice of multiple colors allows you to personalize the matching at will, and the reflective cursors of the same color increase the fashion degree.

    High-waisted design enhances coverage.

  • Starlight Women Cycling Bib Shorts


    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • Breathable mesh gauze.Elastic webbing back strap The back strap contains silverions
    • High density woven double-sided fabric structure toughness??body fitting coating??Sunscreen UPF50
    • Quality silicone anti cursor Dark reflection.
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