LAMEDA owns two directly affiliated factories, Haining Shiwo Sports, and Dongguan Shiwo Sports. To meet the needs of customers for individualization, high quality, and fast delivery, our company has established a customized special line. Our company has the most advanced machinery and equipment in the industry.

The Haining factory is the first self-owned factory under LAMEDA. It was established in 2014 and is mainly responsible for the R&D and production of high-end products of its brand. The factory has the most advanced production equipment, and most of the team members have more than ten years of experience in the cycling clothing industry.

LAMEDA’s Dongguan factory was established in 2019, mainly responsible for the production and processing of ODM and OEM products, and provides high-quality/high-efficiency production services for many domestic and foreign cooperative brands.


LAMEDA has a complete supply chain system.
LAMEDA’s purchasing team has established cooperative relations with many famous sports fabrics and accessories manufacturers in the world, and they jointly develop new products with LAMEDA.
At present, the high-end fabrics and accessories brands cooperating with our company mainly include Italian Carvico fabrics, Italian EI pant pads, MARC webbing, YKK zippers, etc.

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