Why LAMEDA Uses Carvico Fabric for Winter Cycling Jackets

As temperatures drop and winter weather arrives, dedicated cyclists know the importance of having the right cycling jacket. A proper winter cycling jacket needs to expertly balance keeping you warm while also allowing enough ventilation and breathability during aerobic activity. The outer fabric needs to be wind and water resistant while also being flexible and durable. The inner lining should provide insulation without overheating. When it comes to finding the best fabric technologies for cold weather cycling jackets, LAMEDA chooses Italian company Carvico.

Carvico: Leaders in Technical Fabrics

Founded in 1962 in Lombardy, Italy, Carvico is a leading producer of high-performance fabrics used in sportswear and cycling apparel. Using innovative production techniques and a focus on quality, Carvico fabrics feature cutting-edge technological functions balanced with a soft, comfortable feel against the skin. Rather than mass producing generic fabrics, Carvico prides itself on developing specialized textiles with unique performance properties tailored to the end use and design.

With a particular expertise in warp knitting, Carvico has become an industry leader in creating technical and elasticized fabrics with optimal mechanical properties. This makes their textiles ideal for endurance sports and athletic wear where the garments need mechanical resistance to movement, shape retention, and durability. The fabrics are optimized for lightweight flexibility paired with support and compression.

Developing Fabrics Specifically for Cold Weather Cycling

Carvico leverages its technical expertise in high-performance textiles to create fabrics specifically engineered for cold weather cycling apparel. The company’s R&D focuses on developing fabrics that protect against wind, moisture, and cold while retaining breathability. Key characteristics for winter cycling fabrics include:

  • Wind Resistance: Protects the body from cold air while allowing internal moisture and heat to ventilate out
  • Water Resistance: Outer layer repels rain, snow, and external moisture
  • Breathability: Allows internal sweat and heat to escape while preventing external moisture from entering
  • Lightweight: Avoids bulky or heavy materials to prevent overheating
  • Elasticity: Material retains shape but flexes with the body’s movement
  • Insulation: Strategic lining provides warmth without restricting airflow
  • Durability: Withstands repetitive motion and external abrasion from cycling

Carvico leverages multiple advanced fabric technologies to achieve this delicate balance of protection, flexibility, and breathability. This includes using high-tech yarn blends, treatments like DWR coatings, and knitting techniques like brushed fleece backing.

Why LAMEDA Uses Carvico for Its Winter Cycling Jackets

With its reputation for innovation and quality, Carvico is the obvious choice when LAMEDA designs its winter cycling jackets. LAMEDA prides itself on using high performance technical fabrics to create apparel engineered for athletic functionality. Some key reasons why LAMEDA uses Carvico fabrics include:

Technical Expertise in High-Performance Athletic Fabrics

Carvico brings over half a century of experience producing specialty textiles designed specifically for activewear and aerobic sports. This gives LAMEDA access to cutting-edge fabric technologies tested and proven effective for cold weather cycling.

Innovative Fabric Treatments and Coatings

From nanotechnology coatings to natural thermoregulating minerals, Carvico fabrics utilize advanced treatments to enhance water resistance, breathability, insulation, flexibility, and durability. These innovative textiles exceed the performance of generic off-the-shelf materials.

Italian Craftsmanship and Quality

Carvico maintains strict quality control and production standards, ensuring a consistently high-end product. Located in Italy with access to the finest local mills and craftsmanship, Carvico represents the pinnacle of performance fabric engineering and manufacturing.

Custom Fabric Development

Rather than relying on pre-made generic fabrics, Carvico partners directly with LAMEDA to develop custom textiles tailored specifically for LAMEDA’s winter cycling jacket designs. This allows for innovation and optimization to meet the unique performance requirements.

The Next Generation of Winter Cycling Fabrics

As a leader in research and development, Carvico is always improving existing fabrics and inventing new technologies. This ensures LAMEDA winter jackets feature the latest most advanced textiles each season for the ultimate in cold weather protection and performance.

The Right Tools for the Job

LAMEDA believes that the right high-performance technical fabrics are essential tools that enable athletic excellence. Carvico provides access to the most innovative and effective textile technologies engineered specifically to deliver comfort, protection, and breathability when riding in cold conditions. This winning combination of cutting-edge fabrics and cycling-specific designs makes Carvico the ideal partner for creating LAMEDA’s industry-leading winter cycling jackets.

When you pull on a LAMEDA winter cycling jacket made with Carvico fabric, you can ride confidently knowing the latest advancements in athletic textile engineering will keep you warm, dry, and performing at your best all winter long.

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