Eco-Friendly Thinsulate EP Insulation in LAMEDA New Winter Cycling Jacket

With the winter months approaching, cyclists are looking for ways to continue riding outdoors while staying warm. LAMEDA has introduced a new line of winter jackets utilizing 3M’s eco-friendly Thinsulate EP insulation. This innovative material helps reduce the environmental impact of the jackets while providing effective warmth for winter rides.

LAMEDA’s new outerwear uses Thinsulate EP in strategic zones to add insulation only where needed. The synthetic insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles, giving it a greener manufacturing process than traditional down or virgin polyester fill. EP stands for“Environmental Protection,” reflecting 3M’s efforts to create a more sustainable insulation solution.

Thinsulate EP Insulation jacket

Thinsulate EP relies on ultra-fine fibers and advanced web construction to trap heat with less bulk than other insulations. The result is impressive warmth with minimal thickness, ideal for form-fitting cycling jackets. EP is also highly compressible, maintaining insulation value even when packed down.

In their new insulating jackets, LAMEDA places 40-80 grams of Thinsulate EP in the front, back, sleeves, and collar. This zoned placement concentrates warmth in the core and extremities while reducing weight. By optimizing insulation coverage, LAMEDA can design thinner yet warmer jackets.

The jackets have performance features like water-resistant zippers, tall collars to block wind, elastic cuffs, and reflective details for visibility. Smooth-faced stretch fabrics on the sleeves and body allow unrestricted movement while pedaling. Plus, the Thinsulate EP retains its insulating properties even when wet.

By using an eco-friendly insulation only where needed, LAMEDA’s new winter cycling jackets require less total material. The recycled content of Thinsulate EP also lowers environmental impact compared to virgin synthetic fills. Customers concerned about sustainability can feel good choosing one of these innovative jackets.

Brands like Patagonia, Marmot, and Outdoor Research have also integrated Thinsulate EP insulation into their winter outerwear lines. This reflects the material’s rising popularity as an alternative to down and fleece for consumer goods. For LAMEDA, it reinforces their commitment to thoughtful design and responsible production.

Initial reviews highlight the warmth, comfort, and freedom of movement offered by LAMEDA’s Thinsulate EP cycling jackets. The strategic insulation placement and stretch fabrics allow good mobility while pedaling or hiking the trails. Customers also praise the recycled materials as an ethical choice.

While the jackets cost more than lower-quality synthetic-filled options, riders recognize Thinsulate EP’s performance advantages. By preventing heat loss in key zones, it provides better warmth at lower thicknesses. The sustainability factor also attracts customers willing to pay more for recycled goods.

LAMEDA’s continued use of Thinsulate EP could have positive environmental impacts over time. If adopted widely in the cycling industry, it could substantially increase demand for recycled plastics like PET bottles. This motivation for recycling would help divert waste from landfills and waterways.

Though not a cure-all solution, innovators like LAMEDA show the power of purposeful design. Utilizing ethical materials like Thinsulate EP insulation allows the creation of high-performance athletic apparel with a reduced footprint. For eco-minded cyclists gearing up for colder weather, these jackets check all the boxes for sustainability.

In addition to their performance features, LAMEDA’s Thinsulate EP jackets are highly packable for easy storage and transport. The thin yet warm insulation allows the jackets to compress down small enough to fit in a backpack, briefcase, or purse. This makes them ideal for bicycle commuters who need to layer up once they arrive at work. The clean, versatile styling also means the jackets can pull double-duty for daily wear around town. So whether riding to the office or just out and about, LAMEDA’s winter jackets deliver warmth, style, and environmental responsibility – all in a conveniently packable form.

As LAMEDA continues innovating with sustainable materials like Thinsulate EP, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to more exciting new apparel options. Beyond these versatile winter jackets, LAMEDA has more in the pipeline to keep riders warm, dry, and eco-friendly all year round. Be sure to check out LAMEDAs website and social media channels for updates on the latest product releases. There is always something new in the works to enable your active lifestyle while protecting the environment. Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for more groundbreaking gear made with Thinsulate EP insulation and other recycled or progressive materials from LAMEDA!

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