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Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

  • The four-sided stretchable high-elasticity and the lightweight fabric have a strong sense of skin covering and comfort.
  •  4.5cm anti-slip webbing at the hem to increase anti-slip.
  • Multi-color choice allows you to select at will. The reflective logo of the same color is adopted to increase the fashion.
  • The same color bib strap is equipped with a gradient color back piece, The high waistline design keeps up with fashion trends. The edge-fitting technology of the back piece makes the strap more compliant and reduces friction.
  • Peach shape design at the back hip adds aesthetic feeling.

Pad introduction: SIAM is a cycling pad developed by VEONINSERT that emphasizes long-distance protection. The high-density material and flat and simple surface contour can bring smooth experience texture and effective support to the rider. The male version has a double-folded groove, which can release the pressure on the perineum and blood vessels and improve blood circulation. The design of the entire product pays attention to the trajectory of the contact between the seat bone arch and the seat and has undergone a long-term high-load test. The moisture-absorbing, quick-drying, and antistatic surface fabric combined with a vacuum blasting sponge can effectively exchange heat between the crotch and the outside. Single ride 6hours+


Details of the Shorts:

  • High-elasticity and lightweight fabric
  • Arbitrary cutting technology of the feet
  • High waistline design
  • Multi-color choice
  • Same color bib strap with a gradient color back piece
  • Fashionable same color reflective logo
  • Inner dotted anti-slip glue pattern

Details of the Pad:

  • Long-distance protection,  single ride 6hours+
  • High-density material and flat and simple surface contour
  • A double-folded groove
  • Moisture-absorbing, quick-drying and antistatic surface fabric
  • Vacuum blasting sponge
  • Undergone a long-term high-load test
  • Developed by VEONINSERT


Elasticity: High elastic

Softness: Soft

Weightness: Super light


Shorts: 75% nylon and 25% spandex

Pad: Sponge

Temperature Allowance


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Black, Grey, Light Blue, Dark Blue

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