2024 LAMEDA Spring Sale Cycling Gear For Men

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LAMEDA 2024 Spring Sale For Men

Starlight Men Bib Shorts

Our best-selling cycling bib combines flatlock stitching for comfort, four-way stretch fabric for flexibility, free-cut foot design for freedom of movement, and anti-slip features. Choose from multiple colors, reflective logos, and gradient bib straps with high-waisted back pieces for style and support. Padded with SIAM, a VEONINSERT-developed pad for long-distance rides, offering pressure relief, heat regulation, and a 6+ hour ride capacity.

In 2024, we’ve upgraded our popular Starlight cycling shorts. Retaining minimalistic stitching for optimal comfort, we’ve refreshed the color palette and enhanced the chamois material. Starlight 2.0 now offers two pad options: VEONINSERT and Elastic Interface for extended ride support.

Silver Men Cycling Jersey

COOLMAX fabric constructs the jersey, offering superior moisture management and quick-drying properties for sweat-wicking and reduced skin stickiness. One-piece front panel & sleeves feature a high-density 4.5cm woven hem band for grip. Pocket includes a moisture-resistant lining and silicone reflective label.

Mody Men Cycling Jersey

This product combines advanced technical fabrics, ergonomic design, and thoughtful details to deliver exceptional moisture management, comfort, safety, and style for cyclists.

Endless Men 3/4 Cycling Shorts

Crafted from multi-panels for a comfortable, ideal fit during every pedal stroke, these shorts are warm, soft, and offer excellent coverage. The high-density pad, treated with antibacterial properties, is tailored for long-distance rides, featuring a central groove design that alleviates pressure on the perineum and blood vessels, promoting circulation. It utilizes high-density material with a flat, simple surface contour to ensure a smooth experience and effective rider support, all while considering and biometrically verifying the contact path between the ischial arch and the seat.

Modi Cycling Jersey

Polyester ammonia quick-dry fabric ensures moisture-wicking, fast-drying comfort. Jacquard sleeves/pockets add visual appeal. 4.5cm anti-slip hem webbing enhances stability. YKK zippers provide soft, comfortable closure. Reflective left-side LOGO clip promotes safety. Stylish colors, refined branding complete the look.

Dazzling Men Cycling Bib Shorts

This bib shorts boasts a lightweight, highly elastic polyester fabric with silver ion technology for antibacterial, UV-resistant, and quick-drying properties, providing exceptional comfort, coverage, and a flattering high-waist silhouette. Large-scale anti-slip fabric cuts at the leg openings, a peach-shaped back hip design, and 4.5cm high-density straps further enhance fit and aesthetics. The 3D brand logo adds a touch of fashion, while the dual-layer cushion (65KG/m³ base, 75KG/m³ buffer) ensures endurance and pressure relief for non-stop cycling of 6+ hours.

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