Why Women Cyclists Wear Cycling Skorts

Cycling has become an increasingly popular activity and sport for women in recent years. However, finding cycling attire that is both comfortable and functional can be a challenge. This is why cycling skorts have emerged as the preferred cycling bottoms for many female cyclists.

What are Cycling Skorts?

A cycling skort is a piece of athletic apparel that combines the coverage of a skirt with the functionality of shorts. Skorts resemble skirts in appearance but have built-in shorts underneath. This allows women to have modesty and coverage while also having full range of motion that regular shorts provide.

Cycling skorts are made from stretchy, moisture-wicking technical fabrics. The shorts portion usually has a padded liner or chamois for comfort and protection when sitting on a bike seat. The skirt portion falls to different lengths – some are mini-length while others fall below the knee. Most skorts also have useful features like pockets and adjustable waistbands.

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Benefits of Wearing Cycling Skorts

There are several key reasons why female cyclists opt for skorts as their go-to cycling bottoms:

Modesty – Cycling skorts provide full leg coverage and a skirt-like appearance from behind. This increased coverage and modesty is appreciated by many women compared to traditional cycling shorts.

Comfort – Cycling skorts offer the flexibility and range of motion of shorts. The shorts underneath move naturally with the body while pedaling and riding. For some women, this is much more comfortable than cycling in a dress or tight jeans.

Protection – The padded liner and compressive fabric provide protection and support when sitting on a bike seat for extended periods of time. This helps prevent chafing and discomfort that can occur during long rides.

Style – Cycling skorts come in a variety of colors, patterns, lengths and cuts. Women can choose skorts that align with their personal style. Skorts offer a flattering silhouette and cute athletic style rather than bulky, oversized traditional cycling shorts.

Convenience – Quality cycling skorts have useful features like pockets to hold keys, ID and cash. Some styles are reversible or convertible into shorts for versatile wear. The shorts under a skort provide accessible bathroom breaks.

Confidence – Cycling skorts allow women to move freely and confidently on a bike without worrying about coverage. Skorts make it easy to mount, dismount and pedal hard during rides.

When to Wear Cycling Skorts

Here are some prime situations where cycling skorts really shine as the optimal cycling bottoms:

Road Cycling – On group road rides, cycling skorts provide freer range of motion compared to pants or jeans. Skorts make it easy to pedal fast while offering coverage when bent over handlebars.

Mountain Biking – Rough trails and obstacles can reveal too much with regular shorts. Skorts allow women to maneuver technical terrain and features without indecent exposure.

Commuting – Skorts are great for bike commuting to work or school. They provide coverage when riding while also looking cute and presentable at your destination.

Cycling Events – Gran Fondos, charity rides and cycling events often attract photographers. Cycling skorts allow women to ride and perform at their best without awkward images.

Casual Riding – For cruising around town or riding with family, skorts offer comfort and cuteness without compromising functionality.

Choosing the Right Cycling Skort

To enjoy all the benefits of cycling skorts, it’s important to select the right style and fit for your body and riding needs. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a cycling skort:

Consider your inseam length – Skorts should fit comfortably without riding up. Measure your inseam and choose a skort that aligns with your height.

Test waistband snugness – The waistband should be snug enough to stay put without digging into your skin. Elastic waistbands with adjustable tabs or Velcro help customize the fit.

Assess compression – Preference varies, but many female cyclists like compressive skorts that hug the body while riding. Compression provides muscle support and limits vibration.

Examine padding – More padding is ideal for long rides while less padding offers greater freedom of movement. Seamless, high-tech chamois with antibacterial properties help avoid discomfort.

Choose the right length – Mini-skorts offer the most mobility while longer skorts provide more coverage. Choose based on your modesty preferences and riding style.

Check for pockets – Well-designed pockets are extremely useful for carrying ride essentials. Zippered and Velcro pockets securely hold valuables and prevent items from bouncing around.

With the popularity of women’s cycling on the rise, cycling skorts have become a wardrobe staple. Their smart blend of comfort, functionality and femininity makes skorts the ideal cycling bottom. Female cyclists can ride with confidence and style in the high-performance athletic skirts.

How about LAMEDA Cycling Skorts

Their skorts are designed specifically with the female cyclist’s needs in mind. LAMEDA uses high-quality fabrics that provide both compression and airflow. The shorts underside is seamless to prevent chafing and irritation. LAMEDA skorts also have an antimicrobial chamois pad for comfort on long rides.

They offer a wide range of lengths from mini to maxi, as well as different waistband types and pocket configurations. The skorts come in fun colors and patterns that look great on and off the bike. Female cyclists love the fit, performance and style provided by LAMEDA cycling skorts. They are regarded as one of the best cycling skorts in terms of both form and function. LAMEDA skorts allow women to cycle comfortably, confidently and in style.

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