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  • Phantom Unisex Cycling Vest


    Cycling in nature, there must be a super light windbreaker to assistant the moisture and the temperature difference between morning and night. Mesh at the back increases the breathability. Two-way separating zipper is convenient for cyclists to stretch when riding. A circle of reflective webbing at the bottom increases the safety of night riding. This vest is light and easy to store, so it can be put into a very small bag, and when the temperature changes or the wind blows, users can take it out and put on at any time.

  • Maple Unisex Cycling Vest


    1.Concealed Convenience: Back Magnetic Closure

    Easy Storage Access

    Discreet Design

    2.Enhanced Visibility: 3M Reflective Material

    Advanced Safety Technology

    High-Visibility Protection

    3.Featherlight Comfort: Ultra-thin and Lightweight

    Barely There Sensation

    Featherweight Comfort

    4.Temperature Regulation: Innovative Ventilation Design

    Consistent Climate Control

    Optimal Thermal Environment

    5.Functional Dual-Zipper: Easy Access to Rear Pockets

    Convenient Riding Essentials Access

    Quick and Easy Storage Retrieval

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