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    Suitable temperature: 15-30 degrees

    • The large body is light, soft and highly elastic jacquard fabric that can be stretched on all sides, which is close to the skin and has a strong sense of coverage.
    •  High-waist silhouette design, waist retraction, slimming and leg length.
    • The pants are cut in one body to reduce the friction caused by sewing.
    • A large area of adhesive can be cut at will at the foot opening, which is more comfortable while anti-skid.
    •  The short skirt will not have too much wind resistance when riding.
    • Exquisite brand logo, with reflective function to increase the warning, remind the rear vehicles, ride more safely, personalized graphic design, and increase the visual sense.


    This stuff is designed for amateur cyclist and spinning bike enthusiasts. We help the novice cyclist to find the confidence, combining comfort with fashion. The shorts are high waisted, visually elongated legs, and flat fit at waist reduces tightness. Free cutting at the foot mouth, with anti-slip gripper inside, which makes it antiskid and comfortable. Cross high waist design for better coverage and thinner looking.

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