Innovation Spotlight: LAMEDA Featured on CCTV 

We are thrilled to announce that LAMEDA was recently featured on China Central Television (CCTV) for our innovative export model and high-quality product craftsmanship. As China’s predominant state television broadcaster, CCTV reaches over one billion viewers worldwide. 

Highlighted on CCTV for Export Success

The CCTV news feature focused on LAMEDA as a case study for Chinese enterprises expanding global reach through e-commerce and collaboration with international brands. Our direct-to-consumer online model provides high-quality LAMEDA products to customers in over 65 countries. By strategically partnering with major e-commerce platforms, LAMEDA has built a successful export structure that drives both domestic and international growth. We have heavily invested in developing mobile-optimized shopping experiences, localized marketing, and personal customer service regardless of geography. 

CCTV also highlighted LAMEDA’s product design and development prowess. In our state-of-the-art R&D center, industrial designers, engineers, and sports scientists come together to produce gear for professional cyclists and everyday riders alike. Through an iterative prototype design process, we ensure all products meet stringent standards in performance, comfort, and durability. We identify the latest trends and technologies and incorporate innovative features to enhance the cycling experience for all. Superior quality, style and value have always been at the core of the LAMEDA brand.

LAMEDA is an innovative cycling brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-performance cycling apparel and gear. Established in 2005 by a team of avid cyclists, LAMEDA brings premium cycling products to riders worldwide through direct-to-consumer online sales and partnerships with major e-commerce platforms. 

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, LAMEDA operates a state-of-the-art R&D facility staffed by industrial designers, sports scientists and professional cyclists. Through an iterative design process, LAMEDA produces cycling gear that integrates the latest in material technologies and sport innovations for maximum comfort, breathability and efficiency.

LAMEDA offers a full range of products from jerseys and padded shorts to aerodynamic helmets, lightweight frames and high-performance wheelsets. Collections are thoughtfully designed for training, competition and leisure riding across road cycling, mountain biking, gravel riding and other disciplines. With its direct business model, LAMEDA is able to provide premium gear at a price that competes with major brands. 

With a growing international customer base, LAMEDA aims to inspire people everywhere to get out and ride. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to performance, comfort and value, LAMEDA is building the next generation of cycling products for enthusiasts at all levels. Join the cycling revolution today. Ride LAMEDA. Perform Better. 

We are proud to be recognized on such an influential platform for our contributions in developing a new digital-driven export model and commitment to excellence. LAMEDA will continue to pursue product and service innovation to bring more premium cycling products to riders across the globe. We aim to build LAMEDA into a world-class brand that provides unparalleled experiences for cyclists everywhere. 

Thank you for supporting LAMEDA over the years. With your continued support, we will keep improving and growing to exceed expectations and provide even greater value to all our customers worldwide. The future looks bright!

Please share this exciting news and keep following LAMEDA.  More updates on new products, brand collaborations and milestones coming soon! 

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