Bib Shorts vs Cycling Shorts: Which is Better

As a cyclist, wearing proper padded shorts is essential for comfort and enhancing your riding experience. The two most popular options are bib cycling shorts and cycling shorts. While they share some similarities in their padding, material and purpose, there are some key differences to consider when choosing between the two. To determine which short style is right for you, here are some factors to evaluate:

Comfort: For many cyclists, comfort is the top priority when selecting bike shorts. Bib shorts are widely considered more comfortable for long distance riding. They provide extra support through the shoulder straps which keeps the short securely in place, preventing slipping or adjustments. The straps also allow the short to place equal pressure over the lower torso, for a compressing fit that aids muscle stability during riding. Standard cycling shorts rely solely on an elastic waistband to stay up, which can cut into the skin, cause chafing, or require frequent pulling up.

Convenience: Cycling shorts win in terms of convenience over bib shorts. They are simpler to put on and take off, allowing for quicker changes when transitioning on and off the bike. Bib cycling shorts require stepping through the shoulder straps and getting the short properly positioned, which adds extra time and hassle. For short ride during warm weather, cycling shorts are ideal when minimal coverage is desired. The waistband also allows easier access to jersey pockets underneath.

Temperature regulation: When riding in hot weather, cycling shorts may feel slightly cooler as they leave the upper back uncovered with no shoulder straps impediment. However, bib cycle shorts do a better job regulating body temperature overall. The shoulder straps prevent heat loss through the kidney area and keep the short secure even when sweat builds up. The compressive nature also improves blood flow to aid body temperature control – especially important for long distance cycling.

Bathroom breaks: One clear disadvantage of bib shorts while out cycling is their inconvenience for bathroom use. The remove and put back on process is more troublesome compared to regular cycling shorts which can simply be pulled down when needed. For well-organized group rides or competitive events with designated pit stops, this may be less of a concern. But for self-supported long distance rides, bib cycling shorts can present problems when nature calls.

Overall, while cycling shorts are simpler and slightly more convenient, bib bike shorts outperform in terms of comfort and muscle support due to their secure fit. For recreational riders embarking on shorter, casual rides, cycling shorts should work great and may get slight preference due to their easy on and off. However, if you are clocking high mileage or racing, the advanced comfort and performance benefits of bib shorts far outweigh their downsides. The most significant impacts are for distance comfort and endurance, so factor in your typical ride length when choosing between the two short options.


LAMEDA is a reputable brand that offers high quality and affordable cycling apparel, including bib bicycle shorts and cycling shorts.

LAMEDA Cycling Bib Shorts:

LAMEDA Gel Padded Bib Shorts – Their most popular one with gel padding for comfort over long distances. Made of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane with flatlock seams to prevent chafing. Mesh upper straps for breathability. Provides muscle support and saddle sore prevention for endurance rides. Great value and durability.

LAMEDA Premium Bib Bike Shorts – Premium high-performance bib cycling shorts with multi-density molded chamois. Constructed from Italian Sensitive Fabrics Lycra and mesh straps. Antibacterial carbon fabric reduces odors. Anatomical cut provides maximum comfort for epic rides. For serious cyclists looking for premium quality.

LAMEDA Windproof Bib Tights – Padded bib tights for cold weather riding made of thermal Roubaix fabric with windproof paneling. Brushed interior layer provides insulation and the chamois gives maximum comfort on winter base miles. Reflective accents enhance visibility.

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LAMEDA Cycling Shorts:

LAMEDA Active Cycling Shorts – Basic cycling shorts with padded liner short underneath. 6-panel anatomic design and flatlock seams. Made of lightweight and quick-dry nylon/spandex. Provides basic comfort for short to mid-length rides at an affordable price point.

LAMEDA Endurance Cycling Shorts – Ergonomically designed cycling shorts made of Italian performance Lycra. Features multi-density molded chamois for long distance comfort, radio frequency welded hems, and anti bacterial carbon thread. Anatomic and seamless construction. For intermediate and endurance cyclists.

LAMEDA 3D Padded Cycling Shorts – Women’s specific cycling shorts with 3D molded woman chamois for maximum comfort. Made of 80% nylon/20% Lycra with seamless design, mesh ventilation panels and silicone leg cuffs. Elastic waist with drawstring for adjustable fit. Suits female recreational or endurance cyclists.

LAMEDA is known for producing high-performance cycling apparel at a price conscious budget, and their shorts are no exception. From basic options under $80 to feature-packed premium shorts around $150, LAMEDA’s range of bib shorts and cycling shorts aims to suit riders of all levels. Their use of supportive and breathable fabrics, precision anatomic construction, and multi-density chamois at mid-level price points receive very positive reviews from customers. For cyclists seeking exceptional value from a reputable brand, LAMEDA shorts are worth considering for your cycling wardrobe.

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