Summer Riding Tips Recommendation

Everyone likes to ride in the sun, which is exactly the time that makes all the hard work on the turbocharger in winter worthwhile. In summer, when you go out on the road or on the trail, there is rarely a smile, which prompts people to ride more quickly than they even think about it in the dull days of February.

However, not all are ice tea and roses. Summer riding is not without challenges. But if you pay attention to the following tips, then there is nothing special.

If the weather is good, you don’t have to wear good clothes to ride a bicycle, especially when you suddenly go out for a short ride. Once you have had a good time on the saddle, your back seat can cope with a quick ride without filling. However, if the temperature is warm, we still recommend that you choose shorts instead of pants, and do not choose to wear jeans because they will rub more. Then, wear a light and breathable T-shirt on your upper body.

Base Layer

Suppose you are going to “appropriate” long summer cycling to take advantage of the weather and daylight. The first thing you need is an effective foundation layer. This will allow sweat to drain from your skin and keep you dry and comfortable when you sweat. Then, if the temperature drops, it will also help keep it cold. For summer riding, a short-sleeve cycling jersey or vest-type base layer is sufficient.


As we mentioned, once you become an ordinary cyclist, there is no problem with short-distance riding without pedaling. However, for full-time work, we always recommend that you use padded shorts, or (even better) bib shorts. For leisure riding and mountain biking, a padded stroller is better, while for road riding, bib shorts may be the best choice. The shoulder straps of bib shorts are usually more comfortable than waist belts, which can be inserted into the tummy for a long distance. One of the shortcomings of suspender shorts is that on difficult days, the suspenders and rear panel will be soaked with sweat, so look for well-ventilated parts or products that have quick-drying and certain breathability.


The only clothes needed to ride a bicycle are shorts and jerseys. There is really nothing better than this. When choosing a short sleeve cycling jersey, the first thing to consider is breathability. If you trap the homemade moisture in the next layer, then there is not enough base layer. In addition, look for the right jersey for the pocket. Because you will not bring a more practical jacket, the jerseys must do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to transporting food, cash, and small water pumps. Finally, don’t be shy-choose a design that stands out and celebrate summer riding.

Cycling Sunglasses

The importance of bicycle glasses has gone beyond vanity. Age-related macular degeneration is the main cause of blindness, and ultraviolet light is the cause of this disease. Buy glasses with UV protection lenses and invest in future vision.

Short Finger Cycling Gloves

You really don’t want to wear full gloves in warm weather, but a pair of lightweight cycling mittens can keep your hands comfortable on the barbell. They will also provide some protection in the event of a crash, and their small terry cloth parts allow you to wipe sweat off your face. Please note that fingerless gloves may leave you with some interesting tan marks. Which one to talk about …


Finally, sunscreen. There is some type of perennial leather-skin biker who may laugh at the wearer of sunscreen, but he or she is playing with fire. If you do n’t spend too much time in the sun every day, then prolonged exposure to the sun while riding a bicycle can cause skin burns and pain. More seriously, unprotected sunlight can cause skin cancer. So cover it with sunscreen.

We recommend using an almost invisible spray, it is not too greasy or sticky, and it can indeed be used. Freely apply to legs and arms. Don’t forget the back of the neck, face and ears. For anyone facing a challenge, even if you are wearing a helmet, wear it on top of your head. Then expect some interesting storytelling cyclists to have tan lines on the stripes on your upper arms, thighs, and even heads, so you can wear a helmet.

Speaking of the helmet, no matter how hot the weather is, do not forget to wear a bike helmet, because it it necessary to keep you safe during riding.

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