LAMEDA custom plus size detachable Ephemeral cycling long pants Fashion Real Leather Men Casual Pant


1.comfort: The body is made of ammonia cycling pants fabric, which has good elasticity to wrap the body, and is close to the body but not tight.

2.Reflective design The colorful reflective cursors on the side pieces bring different color effects, and make the pants more layered, while enhancing the safety factor

3.Elastic waistband:The 4CM wide elastic waistband is used to make the abdomen more comfortable, there will be no tight feeling, and the discomfort caused by friction will be reduced.

4.Fashionable design: The trousers are arbitrarily cut and four-needle six-thread technology, three-dimensional cutting, better fit the legs, reduce the friction of the crotch, and lengthen the line of the legs

5.Breathable :The front strap is made of thickened and arbitrarily cut webbing, and the back strap is made of breathable mesh (because the back will sweat a lot), bringing good support and breathability (strap style)

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