DRAGON is slim and flexible. The price value is more suitable for cycling fan. This new design integrates new elements on the basis of regular function, mixed with different material texture, breaking the boundaries between sports and fashion. Matt black instead of bright black, which makes the whole dress more advanced. The reflective effect of the sleeve makes the clothes more special and improves the safety of riding at night. Let’s create a new cycling life!


1. 3 standard pockets and a pocket with waterproof zipper
2. Quick sweat wicking and quick deying
3. Functional reflective material of cuff (fututr style)
4. Seamless fitting technology
5. Free cutting at the sleeve, reducing the wind ressistance


Elasticity: High Elastic

Softness: Soft

Weightness: Light


Jersey: Taffeta fabric, T90 mesh

Sleeve: Jacquard technology

Hem: Anti-slip silicone

Zipper: YKK resin zipper

Temperature Allowance


S, M, L, XL

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