LAMEDA crossover Illustrator designer——

This series is created by hand-painting concepts. The products mainly highlight interesting themes to show the image of animal characters. Create a collection of small stories, presenting a sense of comic series.

1. High elastic soft skin-fitting fabric with moisture absorption and quick-drying function
2. Concave-convex fabric on sleeves increases fashion 3. Cuffs and front hem fit seamless technology to increase comfort
4. The short version of the top is designed to closely follow the fashion trend, showing long legs.
5. The reflective image mark on the pocket increases safety, and the color matching inside the pocket increases the beauty .
6. The zipper on the right side of the pocket is convenient for accessing valuable and small items.
7. The back hem is equipped with a color anti-slip band, which has the anti-slip function and improves the aesthetics.


  • Fit seamless technology
  • Quick-drying function
  • Fashion and comfort
  • Animal characters theme


Elasticity: High Elastic

Softness: Soft

Weight: Light

Tight: Professional tight


  • Jersey: Skin-fitting fabric with moisture absorption  
  • Sleeve: Concave-convex fabric

Temperature Allowance


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

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