1. Use splash-proof and cold-proof fabrics to resist the intrusion of damp and cold air into the body.
2. Lightweight and warmth, the use of military cotton material. Compared with ordinary civilian cotton material, the same weight keeps warm by 25% .
3. The high-stretch and quick-drying fleece fabric is lightly spliced on the sides of the clothes, the inner side of the neckline, the cuffs, etc., which not only gets rid of the restraint during exercise, but also absorbs moisture and wicks sweat through the splicing part.
4. Combining ergonomics and adopting 3D cutting technology to make the version more suitable for training and riding, the two-color military cotton stitching.
5. The clever use of anti-skid cloth on the back hem makes it troublesome for practicing and riding.
6. Invisible back pocket design on both sides, easy to access items, and does not affect the overall slim version design style.
7. YKK resin zipper blessing makes the zipper silky smooth and durable.

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